Thursday, December 30, 2010

Death Note blunt analysis

Death Note is good. Saying it's the "best anime I've ever seen" doesn't really mean shit. Maybe if it was "I've been watching anime for years, and out of the hundreds of seasons I've followed, I found Death Note to be one of the best I've ever seen" it would be okay.

If it didn't have such a bullshit ending, I might actually call it one of the best shows I've seen, anime or otherwise. Honestly, the exact replica was bullshit. Also, the ending made no sense. He didn't trust kira #4 to take out kira #3 when she was kidnapped, why would he trust him to take out his enemies then?

The moment he learned of another person with a death note he contemplated killing them. Giving out his secret to people willy nilly dilutes his character. He was trapped, unable to do anything. "Too bad I got someone else to do my dirty work" is no good. He was able to track down the company kira by analysing patterns. L was able to see he was a student by looking at the times of death. Letting someone else do this has HUGE consequences.


  1. i only just got into this series after a friend turned me onto them. so far so good.

  2. Could never understand or get into it. I just kept seeing screen caps of that demon around the web

  3. preferred the manga, but only really liked L, found the others unlike-able.

  4. The only anime I've seen in the last year or so is Panty and Stocking. :(