Sunday, December 26, 2010

Haruhi analysis

Haruhi should be deeper.There's some pretty good character development there, it's certainly pretty human. I don't hate her because she's a teenager and most of them are confused, frustrated, self-centered, and believe the world lives and dies by random daily events. Most people struggle to find something that makes them feel like their life is special, valuable, or meaningful, and that they have some degree of importance to the world. I was like this, most people are like this, many don't really find that feeling. So I don't blame her for being obnoxious, just because she has a lot of growing up to do. She has numerous moments of sweetness and consideration that make you realize it's not all bad, and that she's got potential to grow. Your picture is a good example of that :3
How can you blame her for being a bitch? For her entire existence everything that she has wanted has happened in one way or another. She has no experience with conflict. Therefore, whenever something doesn't go her way she bitches and moans until it does, because that's the way the universe works.

Haruhi is much like us in that she has far too much imagination to function correctly, and the world is nothing but disappointment. Unlike us, Haruhi decides "Fuck that, I'm finding an adventure." and attempts to do so, using all force and resources at her disposal. She gathers up the most interesting people she can find and she DOES things. Haruhi is a bitch, but she is also what many of us can aspire to be. And even more so, she is the person many we could only hope to meet, someone who would drag them around, towards interesting things, without any effort required on our part. I think the character appeals to passive otakus as it takes the initiative, even if its forcefull it takes kyon (in which the viewer identifies) into a world of adventures, all far from the dull life the character and probably the viewer fells they are set into. In the end it apeals to what i think is the most recurring theme in anime for teenagers, a strange girl enters the life of a teenage boy and changes his life of dullness into thrill.On the inside, Haruhi is like any other girl of her age, with her own worries and fears. But instead of letting them get to her, she manages to firmly believe in a better tomorrow.
Fun and happiness won't come to your basement hideout to drag you outside and make you live your life. Haruhi knows that, so she does her best to make everyday fun with her own strenght.


  1. She doesn't look like a bitch though

  2. I've heard mixed reviews for Haruhi, but I haven't taken the time to experience it for myself.

  3. Haruhi is too DEEP

    Too bad more girls aren't like Haruhi

  4. Its kinda an old debate.
    Running pure off of instinct you pretty much function like an animal. While on the other hand if you spend your entire life in your head, life will pass you by.