Saturday, December 18, 2010


I’m pretty sure you know who is Anime Tenchou, right? I mean, after appearing on Lucky Star and all, he practically burst into popularity! As part of the 10th Anniversary for Anime Tenchou, producer Kondo Hikaru had recently tweeted the announced a crossover anime of epic proportions: an Anime Tenchou x Touhou anime project!
The one-time only special crossover will be shown during “Animate Ichoishi Bishoujo Anime Matsuri” held at Nissho Hall on the 20th November. ZUN, creator of the Touhou series, had expressed that he is not part of the project and that this particular crossover could be regarded as secondary work.
Plot? What plot, never heard of anything called plot when it comes to the hands of Anime Tenchou!


  1. You should look for the camrip of the promo that was shown on Machi Asobi 4
    PS: Check out again my music post, the wallpaper you requested is now 1920x1080

  2. Never heard of it before read this. Going to add this to my "To-See" list now.

  3. Hmm never heard of it either, might have to give it a watch :)