Monday, December 20, 2010

Suzumiya Haruhi no shoushitsu : VIDEO REVIEW

 So I got the pleasure to watch this last night after all the anime communities were RAVING about how awesome it was so I found some time in my hikikomori lifestyle and well I'm simply appalled. First and foremost, Christmas Eve has to be one of the most predictable and overused settings of all time.
The SOS brigade wasn't created for the "strangest and most extraordinary students".
You can't wake up in a "weird, alternate dimension". An alternate dimension, in hard SF would refer to an additional axis on a Cartesian plane (perpendicular to the Z axis), rather than an Alternate Reality/Parallel Universe in which history is altered. Even using the theory that you are put into a parallel universe when you time travel (or conversely, create a new one when you change something), this is still incorrect
Last time I checked, Mikuru is an idiot.
SOS brigade exists in the alternate universe still.
Heading back in time doesn't fix being put into a parallel universe. You would need to travel pan-dimensionally (specifically, between parallel worlds), not across time.
Haruhi is predictable as fuck.

Let's just ignore how fucking bad the film is, considering the source material itself is fucking stupid. Not to mention the paradox thrown in when Kyon saves himself (Overused and unexplained because the author doesn't understand ontological paradoxes - we're only given the final-timeline sequence) is just fucking retarded.

Worst film ever. Not pleased.


  1. Wow, worst film ever is an understatement. :P

  2. The reviews said that it's a masterpiece. But it's not my style, so I'm gonna agree with you that it's the worst film ever