Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I don't get her.

Now she's arguably the character people loathe the most in the Western Fandom with the reason of plot armour blah blah lazy miko, etc. But in every 1 or 2 games she changes her attitude, in PC-98 she's young so I understand. Starting from EoSD her attitude is cool-ish and more carefree. Then in PCB is still like that except with the more skip-dialogue -> achieve-tea ideal. In IN she doesn't give two shits about anything that's going on (except the human village in stage 3) and is mad at Yukari for dragging her into it even though she later settles it and the only smile she does in the game is at Kaguya.

In PoFV well, nothing much, just the multi games' usually ridiculous reasons for every character having to fight the other (suspicion, funny-looking, the weather, etc). In MoF she's understandably angry about someone trying to take over her shrine. In SA she's mad at being obliged (?) to leave the hot springs, which later turns out to be a world-saving choice.

Then, in UFO, she, well, snaps. I've read the official mangas including SSiB (God forbid) and read more-so every dialogue she's done in the games and she's usually cool-headed with the occasional rage about X reason that her enemy feels the need to fight her or vice versa. But reading UFO she goes completely psycho after stage 2, being massively dissful towards anything that blocks her way towards the apparent ''gold'' that is in the floating ship. And after learning that there's no gold, her spirit goes down and all she has thoughts for is that this turned out to be yet another gohei-final-boss-in-the-buttocks-and-have-tea-ASAP routine.