Sunday, December 19, 2010

My thoughts on anime

I like anime, although I wouldn't say I'm obsessed. (My current obsession is pet rats and I do like the exaggerated facial expressions, maybe because I can understand them better but also because I like the art behind them. I enjoy the types of characters in anime better than the ones in American sitcoms. I feel like I can relate to anime characters better, such as Osaka and Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh.

I do agree  that anime has become a somewhat acceptable obsession. (More acceptable than obsessing over a specific animal, which I often get weird looks for). However, I also notice that non-anime fans tend to scoff at anime fans, as if the anime fans are a ridiculous excuse for humans. The ridicule is usually playful, however, rather than the type of ridicule that completely rejects someone. I've noticed that most people either love or hate anime, and there's seldom anyone who just thinks anime's okay.

My sister is really into anime, and I do believe she is an aspie as well. Other anime fans are about the only other people she can socialize with (though that’s not the only reason I think she’s an aspie).

I don’t think aspies are predisposed to enjoying anime in particular, but I can see why some aspies would. It’s a perfect medium for feeding an obsession, since there is just soooo much of it out there, plus it offers a fantastic avenue to socialize. Extreme anime fans tend to eat, breathe, and sleep nothing but anime – a dream come true for the aspie-anime-fan – it’s actually acceptable to talk to about their obsession nonstop!


  1. So long as you can find a passion within peers of the same interests, whatever stigma you feel will be relieved by the love of your friendships.

  2. I think you like anime because of the expressions, anime drawers are master of that, and as aspergers you have a high empathy

  3. It's become a lot more acceptable

  4. i used to be into the whole anime shabangabang, but i just eventually grew out of it. i guess for some it's a phase and others it's a true passion, which is great that they have a strong interest in it.

  5. I first got into it back in the 90's I had to keep that under wraps, lest anyone of my friends find out, lol