Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kickin it 1994

Next year is going to be the year that the Super Nintendo secures its place as the greatest console of all time. And why's that?
Chrono Trigger. People from Final Fantasy collaborating with Akira fucking Toriyama? It's going to be like...trying to find the crystals on Penguin Island - can't wait for all the Arale cameos, and other funny stuff that Toriyama's doubtlessly gonna throw in!

You know what else, bumtickled Segafags? Killer Instinct. Have you seen some of those combos? 30 hits, nucka. And it looks like I'm watching a video. Hell, I wonder if I'm playing it through my Super NES or my VCR.

Sure feels good to be a Nintendude.


  1. i still have a pair of shades that look like that. Im wearing them the next time the sun comes out

  2. All true. But you forgot Nintendo's red headed step-child that was in gestation at the very time only to fall out like a half cooked abortion the following year: The Virtual Boy

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  4. I think Nintendo peaked with the SNES. The N64 was awesome, and the Gamecube was great but I hate the Wii.