Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Rance Quest, which will be Rance VIII for the series, will be a full 3D questing RPG.
You pick up quests and achieve them as you progress.
If you fail on a quest you still retain the EXP, but have to restart the quest from the start
Any quests you have already completed are repeatable, so any events and items you missed in the quest can be salvaged later.
Rance heads to the forest of Kalar to undo the curse on Sill...

Characters shown on the TG magazine scan
Sachiko Centers: Schoolgirl saved by rance while being attacked by monsters.
She ends up in his party as a defender. Her dream is simply to become an ideal housewife.
Crookoo Mofus (kurukkoo is how pigeon crying is written in Japanese): A mysterious girl exorcising evil spirits living in the Kalar forest.
Suzume: the Super-kunoichi who aided Rance in the last game. She tags along as his guardian this time.
Reset (Lisette) Kalar: Cute, cheery kalar girl. The description doesn't say if she's related to Rance, possibly to avoid spoilers to new comers to the series.
(In her introduction to the series in Kichikuoh Rance, she's the daughter of Rance and Pastel, the queen of Kalar.
It's not clear if this plot has been carried over to this canon entry yet, but hopefully. Or Alicesoft will have thousands of angry oldschool fans to deal with)
Aegis Kalar: A soldier who guards the Kalar forest from human invaders who come to hunt their crystals.
(The crystals on the forehead of a Kalar turns from red to blue when they lose virginity.
They possess massive magical powers, prompting these human poachers to come rape Kalar and take their crystals for money. A Kalar dies when she loses her crystal)

The three girls from Iceframe are back!
The evil lesbian bitch Megadeath (green hair), The sleeping beauty Cessna (blue), and the nurse Prima (silver).
They were the original members of Iceframe in Rance VI

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